Welcome to my Page!


HELLO! I am Kruti Maniar, founder of Krusader Photography. Thanks for visiting Me!

MY STORY – Since childhood, I’ve had the passion of clicking photographs of anything and everything happening in my life, and for those around me. For me, Photography is not just about taking photographs; it is about capturing a moment or a landscape in such a way that people understand your perspective without even listening to the story behind the capture (that doesn’t mean story is not important!). I tend to put my heart and soul into Photography because this makes me happier than anything else. And I believe in the fact that we should do what makes us happy!

MY INTERESTS – Few things that capture my attention are nature, places with an interesting history and landscapes that highlight nature and history. I enjoy trying different genres of Photography. I have tried a lot of them and I still continue to broaden my horizon. My favourite ones are Landscape, Nature, Black & White, Night, Candid, Street and Wildlife Photography.

I strongly believe that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and thus I use my lens to prove the same about our beautiful Planet Earth.

My most prized possession

I hope you find this page interesting and would love to discuss anything that interests you here.