Picture Story – Sultanpur National Park, Haryana

I finally decided to visit a place which is just 45 mins from my house; and I actually should have visited this long back!! But better late than never, this was the last place I visited before the lock-down was enforced. It is recommended that you visit this park in winters because that is when you will see more than 200 species of birds. I visited this in March which is when winter almost was over.

I am not fond of bird watching, nor am I a huge bird lover but I love taking birds as my subjects of photography. Read this blog post till the end for simple tips on how to photograph birds.

Enjoy the photos!! 🙂

This picture is what you see as you enter the Park –


As you keep moving ahead, you spot all these birds –




IMG_9266 (1)



And yes, this Buffalo also 😀 –

The buffalo was actually staring at me till I was done clicking; maybe posing 😀
Okay, I genuinely couldn’t move an inch ahead!! It is scary, isn’t it?? I had to change my path 😀

And of course, Nature at its best –


 My favorite pictures from that day –

What a Beauty!!
Love the details in this capture!
Absolutely love this!

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. This was actually my 1st time photographing birds in a National Park so these are some points for you to keep in mind while photographing birds.

Bird Photography Tips and Tricks  –

  1. Be patient!! You will get the right image eventually.
  2. Don’t disturb the birds!
  3. Move slowly; don’t rush while photographing because that will scare the birds.
  4. Observe the bird’s flying pattern for a while before randomly clicking them.
  5. Capture their flight; as you can see in my photos above, I managed to capture a bird in flight and this was the most challenging and rewarding memory of this visit.
  6. Composition is super important – use the rule of thirds, keep the background as simple as possible so that the focus is on the main subject which is the bird.
  7. Mornings are usually best to photograph birds because light in the morning is soft and soft light will help you get good shots of birds; you won’t require much editing.
  8. Use the Aperture Priority mode to photograph birds; it will make your life easy!
  9. Crop your photos while posting so that the bird is the main subject of your image.
  10. Use Telephoto zoom lens – I used my 55-250mm Canon lens and I felt like that wasn’t extremely helpful but it did a decent job!

I wouldn’t ask you to make a special trip to Gurgaon, Haryana to visit this Park, but if you’re around Delhi and you have some time, you must visit this place. And make sure you visit it in winters (around December to March 1st week) because you’ll be able to see a much better variety of birds during that time.

Let me know how was your experience in comments, if you’ve already visited this place!! And do not forget to follow me on InstagramFacebook & Twitter.

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