Common Mistakes Amateur Photographers/Travel Bloggers make on their Instagram Page

Hi Guys! Hope your Quarantine is going okay and you guys are being safe.

I thought of putting out an article to talk to you about some of the common mistakes I have observed in a lot of newbies or rather people who aspire to be a photographer or travel blogger on Instagram with a decent following, because I get so many direct messages (DMs) and I feel most of those are mistakes! Even when I started off with my page, I too made a lot of mistakes and I did definitely learn a lot from them.

So here’s me sharing with you by listing out some points that I feel aspiring photographers or travel bloggers MUST take care of –

      1. DMing someone or commenting on someone’s post, asking them to follow you :

I can’t tell you about the number of DMs I’ve received asking me to follow them. You CANNOT force someone to follow you. That is not under your control. However, what is under your control is building an interesting/inspiring page that people would love to follow! This should be your goal and not getting someone to follow you just by asking them to. Because followers is just one thing, Audience Engagement is the most important point that you have to think of. On the other hand, I feel you can definitely say this to your friends. You can ask your friends to give you a follow and this will also boost your morale 🙂

       2.  Using pointless hashtags :

This is a very common mistake I’ve seen many people make. For example, in a portrait image I’ve seen people use hashtags like landscape, nature, hot, peace, pizza. Yeah, not kidding! These hashtags are not just irrelevant, but they seem stupid too. You cannot use a hashtag like nature when the picture is your Head shot! Wait for my next blog post where I will list down good hashtags that you can use for all types of photography. I am pretty sure that one is going to be super useful so don’t forget to follow me here or on Instagram so that you get notified when I post this blog.

       3.   Using Poor quality images :

Some people post images of the worst quality on their page, expecting to get some attraction. No, that is not going to happen! Your image has to be of good quality. I understand a lot of aspiring photographers or travel bloggers do not have a DSLR. But that is not the only thing that will get you good quality images. Even a decent camera phone can.

A lot of other factors matter in this – lighting conditions while shooting, angle of shooting, editing of photos and creativity!

a) If you’re planning to shoot, make sure you do that when the lighting condition is the BEST and the angle also should be correct. Light and Angle go hand-in-hand.

b) Editing does spoil the quality of an image. If you want to edit, make sure you use a good editing software.

c) And get Creative with your images!!! Creativity is everything in Photography!

Below is an example of 2 images (left one is of poor quality and right one is of good quality) I posted on my page – have a look at the difference in engagement.

      4.  Not having a good bio and a profile photo :

Make sure you have written a bio, first of all! Once this is done, try to keep it as relevant as possible with what your page is about. Because Bio is the first thing a visitor is going to read and if she/he likes your bio, they may even give you a follow! Also have a profile photo. A decent looking profile photo showing the real YOU! You don’t want your followers to think that this is a ghost’s profile! 🙂

      5. Not writing a caption/post in all images :

Try to write something while posting an image. It could be a fond memory, a funny story, a quote related to the image, something about yourself, camera settings for the image. Just anything! But please write something good. It is okay for celebrities to not write any captions and they still end up getting thousands of likes and comments and that is simply because they have millions of followers. So until we become celebrities, we have to write captions in order build engagement on your page. Your followers are likely to like you because of your captions. Because they get to know who you are, what your thoughts are, what kind of a person you are and they will relate themselves with you.

Confused about writing captions on your Instagram images, please read “How to keep Instagram Feed active during Quarantine.”

In conclusion, there are some mistakes that I find in almost every profile or every person who has come to me asking me for tips on how to grow their page. I hope this article was useful to you. Please like, share and comment!

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Have a safe lock-down all of you. Stay Home please!