How to keep my Instagram Feed active during Quarantine?

Hi Guys! I know all of us are quarantined and at the same time, we need to keep our social media pages active. But, it is also important to stay home during this pandemic. Hope you all are doing that.

So here are some ideas from me that will help you keep your Instagram page active!

  1. Post personal photos –

This is the right time to get Personal on your Page! I understand if you’re a travel/fashion/food/fitness blogger, it makes sense to post more photos of that and not really yourself. But NO! This is not true. It is extremely important to get personal on your page. Let your followers know who you really are!! And trust me when I look at my Instagram Insights, my personal photos have received the most reach and the most profile visits!! Also a lot of likes. Yeah, not kidding at all (see the below image) 🙂

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So probably this is the right time to connect with your followers on a personal level.

2. Learn a new skill and post about it – 

We all are quarantined and of course people are working from home too, but I’m sure you have some time to learn something new. You won’t realize how much it is going to help you in future! No matter how busy you are, take some time out and pursue your hobby. According to me, hobbies are the only one thing that will keep you going in life!!

So this is what I learnt (of course I’m still learning new skills but this one is worth a share) – This beautiful article that I read from Digital Photography School was just so amazing and the minute I read it, I knew I had to give it a try. Not only did I learn something amazing, I also didn’t realize how 2 hours passed. And to top it all, I got something to post on my Instagram page. So a complete win-win situation!! 🙂

Pasting below my trial images that I clicked, after reading the article from Digital Photography School, using ONLY a book and a phone’s flashlight –

3. Post some photos of your previous trips –

There is nothing as good as going through a memory card full of photos or a phone gallery filled with memories. Revisit some of your old memories and tell your followers the story behind that capture.

I visited New York in January 2018 and I posted this image in August 2019. Click on the link below to see how popular this image became even when I posted it after a year and a half!! Also check out my picture story, if you haven’t already.

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     4. Post some inspiring captures –

We learn so many lessons everyday! It could be a skill, an experience, an adventure or even a quality you may love or hate about yourself. Tell your followers about it! Share the lessons you learnt. For instance, I learn a lot about myself whenever I visit the mountains and I post every lesson that I learn and my followers love it. They are completely inspired and can relate with me. Trust me, that feeling is amazing. Try it! 🙂

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You can also share images of places that inspired you. I believe that to inspire someone, you first have to get inspired!

So, I visited Sheroes Hangout Cafe in Agra and I was extremely inspired by the women out there. To those who don’t know about this place, this is a cafe run by acid-attack survivors. Make sure you visit this cafe if you ever go to Agra – the home to the Taj Mahal!

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5. Use quotes in your captures while posting –

I completely understand that sometimes we are just out of words and we really don’t know what to write while posting. Happens with me too! Sometimes, a capture is just a simple capture – there is no funny story, no inspiration or no motive behind it. In such cases, I post a quote from a person who really inspires me a lot. Sounds easy and effortless, right? The important task is to be active on your Instagram page!

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So please remember if you want your Page to grow, it is important to stay active and post quality content at the same time! Hope you liked my article. Please let me know in comments below!

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Have a safe lock-down all of you. Stay Home please!