Instagram Hashtags that can be used for ANY picture

Hi Guys! Here I am, back with another blog post..

So this is going to be about why using Hashtags in important, what hashtags to use and what to keep in mind while using Hashtags.

I am going to help you out with 10 popular hashtags that you can use with most genres of Photography. Also 1 thing to remember, the hashtags limit in a post is 30 so use that number and do have 30 RELEVANT hashtags in your caption. Using good and relevant hashtags will give you good popularity and visibility. But if you think that only hashtags is going to make you popular, then that is wrong! Because a lot of other factors matter so make sure you try not to make these mistakes.

So let’s begin –

1. For any picture:


2. For Nature-related pictures:


3. For Landscape-related pictures:


4. For Portrait Photography:


5. For Wedding-related pictures:


6. For Travel pictures:


7. For Fashion Photography:


8. For Product Photography:


9. For Architecture Photography:


In addition to the above hashtags, you can also use hashtags that are not very popular, but are extremely specific to your picture. You can also create a new hashtag which could be your Instagram Page’s name. While it is good to use hashtags, but make sure to use hashtags in such a way that you get some REAL followers!

In conclusion, I would say you should have a mix of both popular and unpopular (specific) hashtags mentioned in your caption. Keep posting and tag me in your pictures, I post the best ones on my Instagram story every Saturday!! So do follow me on Instagram if you’d like a feature. Also check out my Facebook & Twitter.

Have a safe lock-down all of you. Stay Home please!

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