Photography Tips

Over the years, Photography has seen a lot of growth. Different techniques and innovative ideas are used in the process of capturing photographs. A lot of genres have also been introduced in the world of Photography. When I started with Photography, it was so hard for me to understand the fundamentals of photography, the terminologies associated with it, manual mode concepts on how to capture a really good photograph and post-processing it to give the photograph an extra polish. Photography is definitely a challenge but it is one worth taking. It makes you feel good about yourself.  Most of us don’t understand and appreciate how beautiful life is; a photograph helps capture that beauty. Every photograph has a story connected to it and communicating this story in a way you think makes you feel powerful. 

Why I love capturing photos?

Although I’m still a learner in this field, I’ve become a lot more creative, thoughtful, attentive and thankful for the simplest of the simple things in my life. I was always fond of capturing, even though I didn’t initially know how to use a DSLR and it was simply because I loved making memories. I love the fact that I have so many photographs in my laptop and in my free time (or probably taking out time), I look into all those folders named separately as according to the places I’ve visited with my family and friends, and relive those memories. I think most of us love this, don’t we? And, I have this constant urge of creating more and more folders! 

If you’re still reading this, I hope my series of posts would help you and me get better at the art of Photography that we all love.

P.S. : Any thoughts or comments are welcome. 

Happy Photographing!