Tools needed to keep your Camera clean

I wish you all a very Happy World Photography Day!!

On this day, I thought of blogging about what is required to take care of your camera and lenses. Because that is the only thing we photographers love so much, so we must take care of it too!! We must keep our lens clean because, let’s face it, there is a lot of dust everywhere! And you wouldn’t want this to affect your beautiful photos. And regular cleaning of cameras and lenses will keep them in an excellent condition for a long time, so you save on money as well!

Cleaning cameras are easier than cleaning lenses, because lenses are extremely delicate. So you’ve got to be very patient and you should also not hurry while cleaning. The frequency of cleaning your camera & lenses depends a lot on how often you take your camera out. But I would say clean your camera lens before you’re going for a shoot or for a travel. Below is the list of tools which you MUST have to keep your camera and lenses clean –

  1. Lens Cloth – Have as many of these cloths as possible. This is the same cloth which is used to clean your glasses, phone & laptop screens etc. (but of course try using different cloths for all your devices). You need to use this with a cleaning solution. This cleaning cloth removes residue and grease from the lens.
  2. Blower Brush – The Blower Brush is an extremely helpful tool. When you squeeze this, it puffs some air to blow dust out of the sensors and mirrors. It can be used single-handedly. You don’t need to wipe your lens with a cloth after using the Blower Brush.
  3. Lens Pens – The Lens Pens helps clean edges of the lens; it can also be used to clean your filters (Neutral Density Filter, Graduated Neutral Density Filter etc.). One end of the pen has a brush and the other end has a soft cleaning tip. Most of the dust is cleared by the Blower Brush, but whatever little is left, would be cleared after using the Lens Pens.
  4. Cotton buds/swabs – You’ll get these in the cleaning kit that you purchase, but you may also have many of these at home.  These cotton buds are used not only to clean ears, but they also keep your viewfinder clean.
  5. Sensor Cleaning Kits – This kit is used to clean sensors, but it is advisable to get this done from a professional.


This is the kit that I have purchased. It is only for Rs. 350/-.

You must make sure your lenses are dust-free and spotless before you go out to take photographs. I’ve had a very bad experience before. I was in Naukuchiatal (Uttarakhand, India) and I had gone to an extremely beautiful location to capture the sunset, until I saw black spots on my clicks. A perfect day got ruined for me! I ended up clicking nothing with my camera and had to manage with my phone that evening. I hadn’t even carried my cleaning kit with me. Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend carrying cleaning kits to every place you go (however, you could just carry the lens cloth) so you should make sure you clean it just before your trip.

Comment below and let me know if you’ve had any such bad experience! If you like my post, do check out my other posts on Photography.

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